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Genuine Natural Antique Siberian Turquoise Disc Shape Pendant and 24 Inch Chain.

CLASSIFICATION: Antique hand crafted 41 carat gemstone about 24mm in diameter and 7mm in thickness.

Chain: Contemporary gold electroplate 60 centimeters (24 inches). A wide variety of other chains are available upon request in sizes from 16 to 30 inches, and in metals ranging from gold and silver electroplate to sterling silver and solid 14kt gold. The default chain (absent contrary instructions) is silver electroplate, 24 inches. We also have available handcrafted Greek black leather cords.

DETAIL: A beautiful, elegant, richly colored green Siberian turquoise disc shape semi-precious gemstone. The gemstone was hand crafted and faceted by a 19th century Russian artisan for use in domestic jewelry, probably as part of a necklace, part of an heritage renown for the production of the elaborate gemstones and jewelry of the Czars of Medieval, Renaissance, and Victorian Russia. Though the gemstone is antique, hand crafted and hand matched, the chain and findings are contemporary. This extraordinary pendant has been mounted onto a 24 inch gold electroplate chain. If you would prefer, we also have available sterling silver and solid 14kt gold chains, as well as gold or silver electroplated chain, gold fill chains, as well as handcrafted black leather cords from Greece; all in lengths between sixteen and thirty inches.

HISTORY: Turquoise was obtained from the Sinai Peninsula before the 4th millennium B.C. in one of the world's first important hard-rock mining operations. It was transported to Europe through Turkey, probably accounting for its name, which is French for "Turkish." The sky-blue variety of turquoise, commonly referred to as robin's egg, is and historically has been the most desired variety. This variety is mined exclusively in Neyshabur, Iran. As is oftentimes seen with ancient specimens of turquoise, when exposed to sunlight or heat, this variety becomes dehydrated and turns "turquoise" green. Russian turquoise has been used in the production of jewelry for thousands of years as well. In the ancient world turquoise was and remains plentiful in Siberia. Turquoise was especially popular in Renaissance era jewelry for those of royal and noble birth, as the gemstone was quite expensive in relative terms. Other deposits of turquoise are found in the Southwestern United States, the Sinai peninsula, Africa, Australia, Siberia, and Europe.

The color of turquoise ranges from blue and blue-green to greenish-gray, according to the various amounts of copper usually present. Like opals, turquoise is opaque, reflecting light from small transparent layers within the stone. Turquoise sometimes is "matrixed" with varying shades of gray, brown, or black veins due to the inclusion of various oxides. In other instances, delicate veining is present, caused by impurities (often silver), and is greatly desired by many collectors. The mineral has been valued for its ornamental properties since ancient times and has been found in neckwear and bracelets recovered with a 7,500 year old Egyptian mummy. Turquoise was commonly carved into pendants and beads by the ancient Sumerians, "founders" of modern civilization, as far back as 5,000 B.C. Some of the most splendid ancient jewelry ever unearthed by archaeologists was found in Queen Pu-abi's tomb at Ur in Sumeria dating from the 3rd millennium B.C., and in the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen's tomb. Turquoise was one of the most prominent gemstones found within these tombs, including on the famous mask of Tutankhamen.

The Aztecs of Mexico also commonly used turquoise for their fine mosaic art and introduced the stone to the surrounding areas, where it became known as chalchihuitl. Turquoise was sacred to many American Indian tribes. In the ancient cultures of the Orient turquoise was thought to protect against reptile bites, poisons and eye diseases, and was thought to facilitate attunement between the physical plane and higher planes of existence. It was considered to be a protective stone, a healer of the spirit, providing soothing energy and peace of mind. On the more profane and practical side, Turquoise was also believed to bring spoils to warriors, and many kills to the hunter. Turquoise was believed to protect against falls, particularly those from horseback. Turquoise, when thrown into a river, was believed to bring rain.

SHIPPING OPTIONS: All purchases are backed by an unlimited guarantee of satisfaction and authenticity. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a complete and immediate refund of your entire purchase price. Most of these antique gemstones were originally part of two collections, one originating in India principally composed of gemstones originally mined in India, Burma, Ceylon, and Siam, and then hand faceted in India. The addition of a second accumulation of antique gemstones originally mined in the Urals in the mid to late 19th century (including alexandrite) completed the collection. These gemstones as well were hand finished. The Urals have been one of the world's major sources of precious and semi-precious gemstones for many centuries. As well, additional specimens are occasionally acquired from other institutions and dealers in Eastern Europe and Asia. These antique gemstones are now in the United States and are available for immediate delivery.

We ship inventory from the USA order fulfillment center near Seattle, Washington. Your purchase will ordinarily be shipping within 48 hours of payment. A certificate of authenticity is available upon request. We prefer your personal check or money order over any other form of payment - and we will ship immediately upon receipt of your check (no "holds"). We will accept PayPal payments. Please see our "ADDITIONAL TERMS OF SALE".