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Excellent Quality Genuine Natural Faceted Forest Green Marquise Cut Tsavorite Precious Gemstone.

CLASSIFICATION: Marquise Cut Faceted Tsavorite (Grossular Garnet).

ORIGIN: Kenya, late 1970's.

SIZE: Length: 6mm. Width: 3mm. Depth: 2mm. All measurements approximate.

WEIGHT: 0.35 carats.

NOTES: Upon request we can set your gemstone as a ring, earring, or pendant.

DETAIL: Here is a gorgeously colored bright forest green tsavorite precious gemstone which has been cut into a faceted marquise. This is a nice quality specimen no less than eye clean. Tsavorite, also known as grossular garnet, is one of the worlds rarest and most sought after precious gemstones. It was first discovered in Tanzania in 1967 in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro, though it was not until 1971 that the first specimens were extracted from nearby Kenya. The name is derived from the adjoining Tsavo National Park famous for its mighty "red" elephants who wallow in and spray themselves with red iron-rich mud during the rainy seasons. The park is also well known for its man-eating lions.

The rich green color of tsavorite is derived from trace elements of vanadium and chromium. Tsavorite is exceptionally bright and sparkling, unlike emeralds, because the refractive-index of tsavorite is much higher - close to that of a diamond. Because of the great pressures and very high temperatures under which it formed and the subsequent stress releases, individual, relatively clean pieces of tsavorite are generally small. Specimens over one carat are extremely rare. Tsavorite is known as "the King of Green Gemstones". In the words of one gemologist-expert connoisseur, "with the color of a cool green forest and a fire resembling that of diamond, the price will soar as the fine natural properties of this magnificent gem become known."

This gemstone possesses superb luster and sparkle, and to the eye is completely transparent, but it is not absolutely flawless. True, the blemishes it possesses are not visible to the naked eye, and the gemstone can be characterized at a minimum, to use trade jargon, as "eye clean". To the eye it is indeed flawless; however magnified 500%, as it is here, you might be able to pick out one or two slight imperfections (included material) within the gemstone. If you would like to learn more about tsavorite, please click here.

SHIPPING OPTIONS: All purchases are backed by an unlimited guarantee of satisfaction and authenticity. If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a complete and immediate refund of your entire purchase price. Most of these antique gemstones were originally part of two collections, one originating in India principally composed of gemstones originally mined in India, Burma, Ceylon, and Siam, and then hand faceted in India. The addition of a second accumulation of antique gemstones originally mined in the Urals in the mid to late 19th century (including alexandrite) completed the collection. These gemstones as well were hand finished. The Urals have been one of the world's major sources of precious and semi-precious gemstones for many centuries. As well, additional specimens are occasionally acquired from other institutions and dealers in Eastern Europe and Asia. These antique gemstones are now in the United States and are available for immediate delivery.

We ship inventory from the USA order fulfillment center near Seattle, Washington. Your purchase will ordinarily be shipping within 48 hours of payment. A certificate of authenticity is available upon request. We prefer your personal check or money order over any other form of payment - and we will ship immediately upon receipt of your check (no "holds"). We will accept PayPal payments. Please see our "ADDITIONAL TERMS OF SALE".