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Interesting Facts

Mentions of sapphire in ancient references reach well back past 800 B.C. Certainly the ancient Greeks, Persians, and Romans all knew of blue sapphires and employed the precious gemstones in their jewelry. In the world of the ancient Mediterranean, priests and sorcerers honored the sapphire above all other gems. As the centuries passed, European royalty came to highly favor sapphires believing the stone would provide protection from harm. In the medieval world blue sapphires were believed to represent heaven, and thus the precious gemstones were widely used in ecclesiastical jewelry. Sapphires are a member of the corundum family, as are rubies, and as such sapphires are considered one of the most valuable of precious stones. They are also extremely hard, second only to diamonds, and so are very popular as gemstones for rings and pendants. Sapphires are mined in Thailand, Ceylon, Burma, Australia, Madagascar, Russia, South Africa, China, Afghanistan, and in Montana and North Carolina.

Sapphire Gemstone:

Antique Bright Blue Sapphire Gemstone Jewelry

Antique Bright Blue Sapphire Gemstone Oval Cut

Faceted Royal Blue Sapphire Gemstone Round Cabochon and Trillion Cut

Antique Blue Sapphire Gemstone Pear Shape

Exquisite Blue Sapphire Square, Marquise, Baguette and Briolette Cut

Lime Green and Bright Forest Green Sapphire Gemstones (different shapes)

Sparkly Ancient Greek Magic Blue-Green Sapphire (different shapes)

Superb Golden Orange and Amber Sapphire Gemstones (different shapes)

Handcrafted Platinum Yellow Sapphire (different shapes)

Flashy Rose Pink Sapphire Gemstone (different shapes)

Antique Padparadsha Red Rose Sapphires (different shapes)

White Sapphire Gemstone Briolette Cut

Purple and Tanzanite Violet Sapphire Gemstone(different shapes)

Ancient Roman Magic HUGE DARK Blue Sapphires