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Interesting Facts

Kunzite is an unusual and rare gemstone stone. It was known in Central Asia and in Eastern Europe as early as the sixteenth century from sources in Afghanistan and Russia. A variety of spodumene, it was believed by Russian jewlers to be a variety of pink amethyst. There are also references to it in ancient Hindu texts, where it was referenced as having been produced in what is present-day Pakistan. Kunzite was first "discovered" in America at the Pala Chief Mine near San Diego, California and named after Tiffany's chief gemologist George Frederick Kunz, who was the first to give a comprehensive (and published) description of the gemstone shortly after the turn of the twentieth century. Another variety "discovered" in America was named "hiddenite", after A. E. Hidden who was one of the original mine owners of the type location for this spodumene variety in North Carolina.

Antique Kunzite Gemstone:

Antique 19thC Handcut Afghanistan 8 1/2ct+ Green Kunzite 11 1/2mm * 11mm - $299.99 #56785

Antique 19thC Handcut Afghanistan 10 1/2ct White Kunzite 13mm * 12mm - $249.99 #56788

Antique 19thC Handcut Afghanistan 5ct Yellow Kunzite 12mm * 9mm - $249.99 #56801

Antique 19thC Handcut Afghanistan 5 3/4ct Yellow Kunzite 11mm * 8mm - $249.99 #56797

Antique 19thC Handcut Afghanistan 8 3/4ct+ White Kunzite 15mm * 9mm - $239.99 #56790

Antique 19thC Handcrafted Afghanistan 7 1/2ct Pink Kunzite 11 1/2mm * 10 1/2mm - $229.99 #56787

Antique 19thC Handcut Afghanistan 5 1/2ct+ Yellow Kunzite 14mm * 11mm - $229.99 #56800