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Interesting Facts

Jewelry is a timeless gift. Most ancient Mediterranean cultures, including the ancient Romans, Greeks, and Celts believed that amethyst would protect against becoming intoxicated, and would protect soldiers from harm in battle. Here's a flawless quality purple amethyst which originated from Angus, Scotland. Exported to Russia, the gemstone was hand crafted and faceted by a Russian artisan, part of a centuries-long heritage renown for the production of the elaborate gemstones and jewelry of the Czars of Medieval, Renaissance, and Victorian Russia. Very popular in 18th and 19th century Victorian Scotland, amethyst has remained a very popular gemstone through the 20th century. The pendant setting is of contemporary origin. It is a high quality setting constructed of sterling silver. If preferred, we do have the ability to re-set the stone in 14kt solid gold.

Amethyst Gemstone Pendants:

HUGE Antique 28ct Amethyst Scotland Celt Warrior Amulet Pendant - $299.99 #60277

Amethyst Gemstone Rings:

25ct Sterling Amethyst Scotland Celt Warrior Amulet Sterling Ring - $279.99 #59842

23 1/2ct Sterling Amethyst Scotland Celt Warrior Amulet Ring- $179.99 #58841

Green Amethyst Gemstone Pendants:

HUGE 54ct Amethyst Sterling Poland Celt Warrior Amulet Pendant- $239.99 #58839

Amethyst Gemstone Earrings:

19thC Antique Scotland 36ct Amethyst Celtic Amulet Earrings- $199.99 #59245

19thC Antique Poland 34ct Amethyst Celt Warrior Amulet Earrings- $199.99 #59244